Banana Fudge Shake Recipe

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Using Frozen Banana with Espresso, do you ever try that before?

Server for 1 medium cups
1) 1 frozen banana, peeled and cut into chunks
2) 1 oz or 2 tbs of banana syrup and chocolate syrup respectively
3) 0.5 oz or 1 tbs of vanilla syrup
2) 1 shot of espresso
3) 1 cup of milk
4) 1 scoop of chocolate ice cream

Denote: tbs = tablespoons

Equipments Needed
Electronic Blender and espresso maker

Steps for Preparation
1. Take a blender container, fill it half with the ice.

2. combine with syrups, espresso. ice cream and milk.

3. Blend it till smooth and pour it into the glass.

4. Enjoy your coffee.

Enjoy Your Banana Fudge Shake today.

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