Mexican Coffee Recipe

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Asian Coffee Recipes

A cup of coffee that from Mexico?

Server for 3 medium cups
1) 3 tbs finely ground coffee
2) 1 ts of cinnamon
3) 3 cup of water
4) 0.25 cup of sweet cream
5) 1 tbs of Sugar
6) 1 ts pure vanila extract
7) 0.5 cup of milk
8) 1.5 ts of brown sugar
9) 3 ts of fine bittersweet chocolate

Denote: tbs = tablespoons

Equipments Needed
2 Small pots

Steps for Preparation
1. Mix the coffee, cinnamon and water in a small pot and bring to boil over the low heat. Remove from the heat and set side.

2. Whip the cream, sugar and vanilla until the mixture forms stiff peaks.

3. In another small pot, heat the milk and brown sugar over low heat until the sugar dissolved.

4. Add the chocolate the heat, stirring until the chocolate is melted.

5. Pour the chocolate mixture into the coffee and mix well.

6. Pour into individual cups.

7. Add tbs of whipped cream to each cup and drink immediately.

Enjoy Your Mexico.

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