Mocha with Kahlua Coffee

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Asian Coffee Recipes

Can liqueur be mixed with Mocha

Sweet liqueur with Macho, a sophisticated variation of the coffee taste

Serve 1 glass (tall)
1) 1 tbs Kahlua or any coffee liqueur that you like
2) 0.25 cup of sweet cream (depending on how creamy you want)
3) 0.5 cup of boiling water
4) 1 ts of sugar (depending on your teaste)
5) 1 ts of fine cocoa
6) 1 ts of coffee

Denote: tbs = Tablespoons, ts = teaspoons

Equipments Needed

Steps for Preparation
1. Please 1 ts of coffee, 1 ts of cocoa and 1 ts of sugar into the cup

2. Pour 0.5 cup os boiling water in each cup and mix well.

3. Pour half of the cream and 1 tbs of Kahlua into the cup and mix well

4. Drink Immediately

Enjoy Your Coffee with Kahlua.

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