Thailand Coffee Recipe (Tall) Glass

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Another type of Asian Coffee Recipe - Thailand coffee

Serve 2 glass
1) 0.25 cup or more sweetened condensed / diluted milk (depending on how sweet you want, the more the sweeter)

2) 2 servings Thai Local coffee

Denote: tbs = Tablespoons, ts = teaspoons

Equipments Needed
Traditional way of the coffee making separator where it made from cotton, in triangle shape. Allow you to put the coffee into it. 

Steps for Preparation
1. Add 1 tbs of condensed / diluted milk to both of the glasses.

2. In each cup, put into the separator with coffee,  pour the boiling water (ideally about 80C) until it reach 0.25 cup of the coffee.


4. Mix the coffee with condensed / diluted milk until they are well mixed.

3. You can add a few ice cubes if you like to make it a cold drink.

Enjoy Your Thai Coffee.

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