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How to make yourself a good cup of Cappuccino

The bubbly milk on top of a cappuccino acts as an insulator and maintain the coffee hooter for a period of time

Makes 1 mediums mugs
- 1 Servings espresso (one small cup)
- short 0.5 cup of low fat milk

Equipments needed:
- Small Saucepan
- Macchinetta
- Espresso Maker

Steps of Preparation
1. Heat up the milk in a small pat until just below boiling.

2. Remove the pot and transfer to the macchinetta. Don't fill up the macchinetta more than 50%.

3. Shake the milk for 2 minutes until it become bubbly.

4. Take the prepared espresso, and pour it into the cup immediately.

5. Pour the milk into the coffee cup. After your have poured most of the milk into the coffee, place the spoon under the milk where you are pouring to from a layer of white, bubbly milk on the top of the coffee to make the Cappuccino hooter.

6. Enjoy your Cappuccino now.

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