Tropical Delight Latte Recipe

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Fruitiest type of latte, may be you will like it.

Serves for 1 people
1) 1 oz or 2 tbs of Swedish syrup
2) 0.5oz or 1 tbs of coconut and macadamia nut syrup respectively
3) 1 shot of espresso.
4) 1 oz of 2 tbs of chocolate ice cream as topping
5) 1 cup of steamed and foamed milk

Denote: tbs = tablespoons, teaspoons

Equipments needed:
Espresso Maker

Steps of Preparation
1. Get a 8 to 10 oz cup or medium size of cup, put all syrups and espresso and mix well.

2. Fill up your cup with steamed milk and top up with a small drop of foamed milk.

3. Drink immediately.


Enjoy your Tropical Delight Latte Today.

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