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Make 4 cups
1) 2 oz or 4 tbs of semisweet chocolate which is finely chopped
2) 2 oz or 4 tbs of unsweetened chocolate which is finely chopped
3) 4 shot of espresso.
4) 0.75 cup of granulated sugar
5) 3 tbs of brown sugar
6) 2 cups of half-and-half
7) 1 cup of amaretto
8) 1 cup of steamed milk
9) 1 cup of whipped cream (optional)
10) 2 tbs of grated semisweet chocolate

Espresso Coffee Maker

1. Take one heavy saucepan, mix finely chopped chocolates, sugar and half-and-half.

2. Simmer over the low heat until the chocolate melted as well as sugar is dissolved.

3. Wait till it cool down and add amaretto and refrigerate until you want to drink it.

4. To drink, pout 0.25 of the mixture into each coffee cup.

5. Top up with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

6. Drink it Immediate

Enjoy your Cool Amaretto Cafe Today

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