Healthy Bavarian Chocolate Latte Recipe

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Mocha type of Latte, if you like chocolate then this latte will be yours.

Serve 1 tall glass
1) 1 shot of organic espresso
2) 2 tbs of low sugar chocolate syrup
3) 0.75 cup of low fat steamed milk
4) 1 tbs of chocolate-brown sugar granules

Denote: tbs = Tablespoons, ts = teaspoons, pcs = pieces

Equipments Needed
Espresso maker and electronic blender

Steps for Preparation
1. Take a blender glass, pour all syrups, espresso and steamed milk into the glass.

2. Blend it well. Pour all them into a empty glass.

3. At last, drop one tbs of chocolate-brown granules as garnish.

4. You can serve your latte now.

Enjoy Your Healthy Bavarian Chocolate Latte Today.

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