Healthy Coffee and Raspberry Latte Recipe

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Perfect combination coffee with raspberry, my personal recommendation.

Serve 1 tall glass
1) 1 shot of organic espresso
2) 2 tbs of low sugar coffee and Raspberry syrup respectively
3) 0.75 cup of low fat steamed milk
Optional: Some ice cube if you want to have it cold.

Denote: tbs = Tablespoons, ts = teaspoons, pcs = pieces

Equipments Needed
Espresso maker and electronic blender

Steps for Preparation
1. Take a clean blender cup and pour in your syrups, espresso as well as steamed milk.

2. Optional, if you like something cold, please add in some ice cude. Blend it until well mix.

3. Take a clean glass and pour your latte over to the clean glass.

4. Lastly, you can now drink your coffee.

Enjoy Your Healthy Coffee And Raspberry Latte Today.

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