Blueberry with strawberry latte recipes

Looking for free coffee recipe, today I am going to release one coffee recipe just your coffee lover.

Blueberry with strawberry latte recipes
Blueberries mixed with strawberry, something that will cheer up my day. Definitely I like to have it early morning.

Just Good for 1 person
1) 2 tablespoons of Blueberry syrup and strawberry syrup respectively.
2) 1 shot of organic espresso
3) 5 to 7 ice cubes depending how cold you want your coffee to be.
4) 0.75 cup of low fat steamed milk

Equipments Needed
Espresso maker and electronic blender

Steps for preparation:
1. Grab on blender and put all into the blender cup and blend it.

2. Blend it for 3 minutes until will well mixed.

3. Take a clean tall glass and pour your latte into the glass.

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