Low fat Latte Recipes Series

Last few days, we talking about low fat amricano coffee recipes and today, I’m going to teach you how to made a cup of low fat latte. Simple step by step process and you will like it. In term of preparation, so far is the most simplify version.

Below are the recipes for your collection:

1) Low fat Almond Latte

2) Low fat Almond Bark Latte

3) Low fat Almond Fudge Latte

4) Low fat Amaretto Latte

Enjoy these 4 recipes first, I’ll be releasing more in next few blog.

Healthy Series Coffee Americano Recipes (2)

Continue from yesterday, sharing some healthy coffee recipes, hope those who are on diet will suite this:

1) Low fat White Chocolate Americano

2) Low fat vanilla Americano

All, Enjoy good coffee and stay healthy while having good coffee.

Healthy Series of Americano Coffee Recipes

Are you one of them that are looking for healthy coffee recipes ? If yes, then you are in the right place now for this healthy coffee recipes where I’ve just published specially for those who are looking for these recipes. Hope all the coffee lover can enjoy coffee while staying healthy:

1) Low Fat Orange Americano

2) Low Fat Mexican Americano

3) Low Fat Raspberry Americano

4) Low Fat Rum Americano

5) Low Fat Maple Nut Americano

Remember to stay healthy just for your loves one.

Americano recipes for you (Cont.)

Continue to yesterday, today I’ll release more about Americano recipes today:

1) Coffee Syrup with Espresso

2) Hazelnut Syrup with Espresso

3) Coconut Syrup with Espresso

Hope you like it.

Americano Series of Recipes

Today Americano recipe will be much simple and if you like something simple to try it out, why not try this out?

1) Espresso with Cherry Syrup

2) Espresso with Coconut

One of them are my favorite and hope you like it too.

Simple and easy coffee recipe, hope you enjoy it.

Americana Series of Recipes

Looking for ways to make yourself a cup of good Americana but don’t have any recipes on hand? Don’t worry and you are in the right place. Today I’m going to release some of the Americana recipes for you:

1) Espresso with Apple

2) Espresso with Rum

3) Espresso with Mint

4) Espresso with Whipped cream only

5) Espresso with De cacao

If you are keen you have more coffee recipes, more and more will be on my official website.

Enjoy then.

Espresso Series of Recipes

Thinking of espresso, you can get a lot of combination like espresso with whipped cream, espresso only or even espresso with syrups also can be mixed and come out with a great taste of coffee.

If you are looking for espresso recipes, then you must try the below recipes:

1) White chocolate with espresso

2) Pure dark chocolate with espresso

3) American Americana

Take your time and try these out, let me know how do you feel. Thanks

Truffle Series of recipes for you

For those who likes Truffle, then this will be for you free today for free:

1) Butterscotch with Espresso

2) Caramel Nut with Espresso

3) Caramel with Espresso

Hope you all like it.

Espresso Series Recipes

Today I’m going to release all the latest Espresso Series Recipes for you all to try it out:

1) Raspberry with Espresso

2) Purely Espresso only

3) Espresso with Milk only

4) Mocha Espresso

5) Espresso with cocoa

More and more will be released soon. Stay Tune.

Combination of espersso recieps

If you really like espresso and yet you are looking for combination of espresso with somthing else, today recipes will be for you.

Let Enjoy now 🙂

1) Espresso with Walnuts recipes

2) Espresso with Whipped cream recipes

3) Espresso with Chocolate recipes