Tips when you start to roasting your coffee

The process to cook the green coffee beans into brown, we called “roasting”.

Roasting is the process of cooking coffee beans. Please take note that during the cooking process, the coffee bean will increase in size, taste, color, smell as well as density. This is because the heat was generated during the cooking process.

It depends on the type of coffee bean, different type will have different reaction. This is a very interesting area where I think we as a coffee lover will like to see as well.

** Asian Coffee Recipes **

Coffee with or without Sugar Better?

When coming to mixing a cup of coffee, a lot of us likes to mix with Sugar to make it more sweet. In facts, if you are looking for something that can help you to slim down, then will be coffee without sugar.

Benefit of drinking coffee with sugar will help you to burn extra fats which you cannot do so in naturally. If you are asking him, I like to have a cup of coffee without sugar after my lunch or dinner.

** Asian Coffee Recipes **