One + One recipe for you.

One brew and one latte recipe for you….hope you like it:

1) Witch’s Brew Coffee Recipe

2) Eggnog Latte for Holiday Recipe


Hope you all enjoy. 🙂

Free Latte Recipes for you Today

Coffee recipe for the day, wish you like it. Espresso mix with juices, which I like it while I’m trying on it:

1) Iced Raspberry Guava Latte Recipe

2) Ice Peach with espresso Recipe

3) Espresso with Tamarind Recipe

Enjoy and stay tune for more and more recipes.

Special Lette Recipes for you Today.

Today, I’m going to introduce something that I think is special and is worth to try it out yourself. If you have time, try it out yourself. Hope you like it:

Space Visitor (Alien) Favorite Latte Latte

Tropical Delight Latte Recipe

Childhood Latte Recipe – Highly Recommended

Hope you like it 🙂

3 types of chocolate type coffee recipes

Today, I want to introduce 3 chocolate type of coffee recipes,  which I feel very good:

Mandarin Orange Chocolate Latte Recipe

Chocolate Malt of Latte Recipe

Rich Chocolate Nut Latte Recipe

Enjoy your coffee making and have a great weekend.

My favorite latte coffee recipes for today

Today, I would like to introduce something that you hardly will try with coffee recipes, Enjoy:

Famous Fudge Brownie Latte Recipe

Brownie Nut And Espresso Recipe

Almond plus Butterscotch with Latte Recipe

Click on the individual link to find out what are those latte about.

Finally Launched My Blog

Today, I have officially launched my Coffee Recipes Blog. Will keep you update from time to time.