Free Coffee Recipes – Grape Series (1)

How to mix grape with expresso? Do you want to know how? If yes, please keep reading my recipes to find out how.

Grape with coconut coffee recipe

Grape with Almond coffee recipe

Stay tune as I will release more and more coffee recipes for your collect

Low fat Latte Recipes Series

Last few days, we talking about low fat amricano coffee recipes and today, I’m going to teach you how to made a cup of low fat latte. Simple step by step process and you will like it. In term of preparation, so far is the most simplify version.

Below are the recipes for your collection:

1) Low fat Almond Latte

2) Low fat Almond Bark Latte

3) Low fat Almond Fudge Latte

4) Low fat Amaretto Latte

Enjoy these 4 recipes first, I’ll be releasing more in next few blog.