Americano recipes for you (Cont.)

Continue to yesterday, today I’ll release more about Americano recipes today:

1) Coffee Syrup with Espresso

2) Hazelnut Syrup with Espresso

3) Coconut Syrup with Espresso

Hope you like it.

Espresso Series of Recipes

Thinking of espresso, you can get a lot of combination like espresso with whipped cream, espresso only or even espresso with syrups also can be mixed and come out with a great taste of coffee.

If you are looking for espresso recipes, then you must try the below recipes:

1) White chocolate with espresso

2) Pure dark chocolate with espresso

3) American Americana

Take your time and try these out, let me know how do you feel. Thanks

Truffle Series of recipes for you

For those who likes Truffle, then this will be for you free today for free:

1) Butterscotch with Espresso

2) Caramel Nut with Espresso

3) Caramel with Espresso

Hope you all like it.

Combination of espersso recieps

If you really like espresso and yet you are looking for combination of espresso with somthing else, today recipes will be for you.

Let Enjoy now 🙂

1) Espresso with Walnuts recipes

2) Espresso with Whipped cream recipes

3) Espresso with Chocolate recipes

One streamer recipes and One Float Recipes for you

Want to try something basic today? If yes, the below recipes will be for you:

1) Chocolate Float with Espresso

2) Steamer (usually they like to mix this with coffee)

Hope to all like this basic coffee recipes.

Today recipes for you.

Something cooling that I want to introduce for my reader today.

1) Sodo + ice cream and espresso recipes

2) Rum + ice cream and espresso recipes

Enjoy your day.

Coffee Float Recipes for you today

If you like coffee with ice cream, then today recipes will be for you.

1) Chocolate ice cream with coffee espresso

2) Kona ice cream float

Hope you all like it.

Today special Ice Cream with espresso

Do you like something cooling, ice cream blend with espresso? If you like this, today recipes will be for you only.

1) Espresso + ice cream

2) Espresso + Kahlua with Ice cream too

Hope you all like it. Enjoy

Today Special Recipes For you – Ice Blended Recipes

Today I’m going to release the recipes that is something cooling that you will like it:

1) Smoothie + Espresso

2) Frappe + Espresso

Hope you all like it. Enjoy.

Today Coffee Recipe will be Coconut with espresso

Today I will be introduced a very cooling coffee recipes where coconut mixing with espresso, if you like something rich, then it will be good for you.

1) Hawaiian coconut coffee recipe

2) Coconut cream with espresso coffee recipe

Both of them are ice blended coffee recipe and hope you all like it.