Low fat milk vs normal milk

If you are looking for good quality milk to be mixed into your coffee, many of us will consider low fat milk instead of non low fat milk, right? Yes will be the answer. But if want your coffee to be as good as a cup of coffee bean coffee, non low fat milk is preferred. Reason is so simple, usually when you are dealing witk low fat, more of the ingredients will be less and no way you can compare with the rest.

But when you are talking about healthy, then please go for low fat milk. 🙂

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Coconut mix with coffee, do you have any ideal how the taste looks like? If you like to make it yourself, you will have the chance to test it out.

1) Low Sugar Coconut with Banana Coffee Recipe

2) Low Sugar Coconut with Coffee recipes

Stay tune, I will release more and more healthy coffee recipes for coffee lover.