Americana Series of Recipes

Looking for ways to make yourself a cup of good Americana but don’t have any recipes on hand? Don’t worry and you are in the right place. Today I’m going to release some of the Americana recipes for you:

1) Espresso with Apple

2) Espresso with Rum

3) Espresso with Mint

4) Espresso with Whipped cream only

5) Espresso with De cacao

If you are keen you have more coffee recipes, more and more will be on my official website.

Enjoy then.

Iced Latte, 3 Iced Latte Recipes for you Today

Today I’ve 3 coffee recipes for your choices which specially for those who likes Iced Drink:

  • Iced Mocha Mint Latte Recipe
  • Ginger Pear Iced Mocha Latte Recipe
  • Fruity Iced Latte Recipe
  • Hope you all like it, enjoyed.