Coffee with Coconut Cake Recipe

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Coffee with coconut, sounds good?

Enough to Serves for 3 persons
1) 0.5 cup of butter in softened form
2) 0.5 cup of sugar
3) 1.5 eggs
4) 0.5 cup of ground coconut
5) 0.25 cup of coconut flakes
6) 0.25 cup of sweet cream
7) 0.75 cup of flour
8) 1 tbs of instant coffee and melt with 1 tbs of boiling water
9) 1 tbs of coffee flavored liqueur

Denote: tbs = Tablespoons, ts = teaspoons,  pcs = pieces

Equipments Needed
Electronics Mixer
12 inch of greased loaf pan

Steps for Preparation
1. Heat up the oven till 375F.

2. Mix the butter and sugar with mixer medium speed until it come smooth.

3. Add the eggs, ground coconut, coconut flakes, cream, flour, baking powder, coffee and liqueur, mix until well bended.

4. Pour them into the pan and bake for 25 min.

5. Take out the cake and let it cool down before you eat.

Simple, right? Enjoy your cake.

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