Breve style of Hungarian Hazelnut Latte Recipe

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Hungarian ways of Drinking Latte?

Similar taste of old Vienna but with high calories. You judge yourself before you go for it.


Make 1 cup
1) 1 oz or 2 tbs of hazelnut syrup
2) 1 shots of espresso
3) 0.5 oz or 1 tbs of vanilla syrup
4) 1 cup of steamed half and half
5) 2 tbs of whipped cream (optional, don't put if you think is too fat)
6) some shaved chocolate as garnish


Denote: tbs = tablespoons

Espresso Coffee Maker

1.  Get a 8 to 10 oz cup or medium size, mix up all the syrup with espresso

2. Fill the cup with steam half and half, top up with whipped cream.

3. Put some shaved chocolate on top of the drink as garnish.

3. Drink immediately.

Enjoy your Breve style of Hungarian Hazelnut Latte.

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