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Coffee health benefits have been widely studied and interesting findings have been discovered. Contrary to popular belief, research shows that coffee drinkers compared to non drinkers have fewer incidences of several serious medical conditions such as: Type 2 diabetes, stroke and heart rhythm problems. The research data on coffee and diabetes is clear and the majority of the studies show the benefit of coffee in preventing diabetes. Evidence also shows that decaf coffee health benefits may be the same as regular coffee.

Caffeine health benefits have been extensively researched due to caffeine being the most frequently used substance on the planet. Japanese researchers have shown that caffeine has been shown to increase memory and when mixed with carbohydrates, replenishes Glycogen in the muscles faster after exercise. Coffee health benefits have long been known to drivers who need to be alert while driving. Driving while sleepy is as much of a hazard to one's health as driving while intoxicated. Caffeine can stimulate hair growth in men and women who suffer from alopecia, or hair loss. Studies on depression have revealed that caffeine can lift depression by increasing Dopamine in the brain.

Pain relief and body detoxification are some of the black coffee health benefits known since WWI when coffee enemas were administered by nurses short on pain medications, who were desperate to relieve post surgical pain of wounded soldiers. Researchers learned of the success of these methods and began to study the properties in coffee that produced the analgesic affects. In doing so, they also learned of coffees ability to detoxify the liver of cancer patients and release toxins from the body. Terminal cancer patients learned to self administer black coffee enemas for continuous release of toxins from the body with excellent results, illustrating one of the most amazing coffee health benefits.

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