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Differences for Espresso VS Coffee

Espresso vs coffee is a hot topic and attracts different opinions and misconceptions. The difference between these two drinks is in the brewing process and grind of the coffee beans. Coffee is said to have originated from Ethiopia in the 9th century, today, the drink is enjoyed in almost all corners of the world. Since then, the way we make and drink coffee has evolved.

The following are differences between espresso vs coffee:
Espresso is a type of coffee. There are certain things you need to consider in order to make a cup of espresso; these are: the water temperature, coffee fineness as well as water pressure. Espresso is made by compelling shots of near boiling water into very well ground coffee beans making it much thicker and stronger than your ordinary cup of coffee. Coffee on the other hand is a bit coarser than espresso and is made by trickling the boiling water above the ground coffee.

Espresso beans vs Coffee beans

The difference between espresso vs coffee beans is a matter of preference. Many times, the beans used to make the two drinks are the same but some brands have longer roasted espresso beans which makes them have a stronger flavor, darker color and oily look. Espresso therefore has a finer grind unlike than that of normal coffee. Espresso can still be brewed using your desired coffee bean.

Caffeine Levels:

When comparing espresso vs coffee caffeine levels, a lot needs to be considered. One is the variety of coffee bean used. There are two varieties of coffee beans namely Robusta and Arabica; Robusta is said to have twice the amount of caffeine found in Arabica. Another thing to consider is the amount of coffee and espresso drunk. Usually a cup of coffee is about 100mg while espresso which is taken in tiny amounts is 30 to 50mg. That considered, it is obvious that a cup of coffee will have about three times the amount of caffeine in espresso but that would be an unfair way to compare because comparison dictates the two items must be of the same size. If one was to take espresso and coffee in same volumes then espresso would have more caffeine but since one serving of coffee is larger than an espresso serving then the cup of coffee has more caffeine. It is for this reason that one is able to consume about 10 servings of espresso in a day without becoming jumpy, taking in such amounts of coffee servings would be almost impossible to handle.

Healthier Option

Espresso vs coffee health is yet another debate. Both have a wide array of health benefits if consumed to the recommended daily proportions. Telling which is healthier in the two is still a matter under debate. The key property of coffee is caffeine so in terms of health, consuming espresso is much healthier than coffee. Researchers have also found that the acidity in coffee is more than that in espresso. Another health factor to consider when consuming both drinks is the additions which are sugar and cream, these two disturb the health benefits of coffee drinks.

In conclusion, health benefits of both are many and ultimately it is the taste that determines our preference. The love/hate relationship is bound to go on for a long time between espresso vs coffee.

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