White Moka Coffee Recipe

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Another type of Moka Coffee

Serve 1 cup (small)
1) 0.5 cup milk (depending the size of pot you are using)
2) 1 tbs Italian Coffee and espresso ground

Denote: ts = teaspoons, tbs = tablespoons

Equipments Needed
Moka Pot

Steps for Preparation
1. Fill the low chamber of the pot with milk until it reaches the screw (depending which type of pot you are using).

2. Place the filter on top and add the coffee. Use a spoon to leave the coffee so that it is not compressed when the pot is closed.

3. Hear the uncovered over low heat.

4. Heat the coffee until a thin stream of coffee begins to trickle from the spout.

5. Cover the pot and continue to heat until the steam escape from the spout.

6. Remove from heat, wait 3 minutes, pour into cup and drink.

Enjoy Your White Moka Coffee

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