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Another Style which I like to most is Europe Irish Coffee. Unique Europe style which we hardly can make up a good Irish Coffee by our own. I have tried so many time but I'm still failed to make me a cup of good Irish Coffee. I already gave up for this, may be you can teach me how to make a good Irish Coffee.


Although I've failed to make myself a good Irish Coffee but I'm still list down all the good Europe style coffee recipes for your collection too.


Choices of Europe Coffee Recipes
1. Moka Coffee Recipe
3. Spiced Coffee Recipe

5. Viennese Coffee Recipe
7. Mocha Granita Coffee Recipe
9. Galliano Whipped Cream Recipe
11. Classic Espresso Recipe
13. Espresso with Whipped Cream Recipe
15. Coffee Americano Recipe
17. Rocky Road Cappuccino Recipe
19. Island Mocha Recipe
21. German Chocolate Cappuccino Recipe
23. Irish Nut Latte Recipe
25. Caramel Nut Latte Recipe
27. Rum Praline Latte Recipe
29. Millionaire's Mocha Recipe
31. Chocolate Cafe Viennese Recipe
33. Cafe Caribbean Recipe
35. The Mexican Standoff Recipe
37. Espresso Nudge Recipe
39. White Russian Coffee Recipe
41. Neapolitan Shake Recipe
43. Cherries Jubilee Float Recipe
45. Mocha Fudge Espresso Truffle Recipe
47. Con Ponna Coffee Recipe
49. Espresso Macchiato with Milk Recipe
51. Purely Espresso Recipe
53. Espresso with Raspberry Recipe

2. Irish Coffee Recipe
4. Espresso Macchiato Coffee Recipe
6. White Moka Coffee Recipe
8. Chocolate Coconut Coffee Recipe
10. Chocolate Whipped Cream Recipe
12. Classic Espresso With Foamed Milk Recipe
14. Espresso with Lemon Recipe
16. Classical Cappuccino Recipe
18. Macadamia Fudge Cappuccino Recipe
20. La Dolce Vita Recipe
22. Crème De La Cream Latte Recipe
24. Honey Nut Latte Recipe  
26. Hungarian Hazelnut Latte Recipe
28. Amaretto Cafe Recipe  

30. French Royal Blended Ice Latte Recipe
32. Cafe Bavarian Recipe
34. The Irish Mounties Recipe
36. Cafe Parisian Recipe
38. Cabo Cooler Coffee Recipe
40. Black Cherry Shake Recipe
42. Espresso Ice Cream Cooler Recipe
44. Dark Chocolate Nut Espresso Truffle Recipe
46. Chocolate Espresso Recipe
48. Date Nut Espresso Recipe
50. Mocha Espresso Cream Recipe
52. Espresso De Borgia Recipe


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